• April 30 - May 1, 2021


Justin Tamsett
International Fitness Business Speaker

As Australia’s most awarded fitness business speaker, Justin is recognised Internationally as a thought leader who delivers in a unique style and with quality content. His presentations challenge how you do things as he believes we should #thinkanddodifferent to grow the fitness industry. After 30 years in our amazing industry, he shares practical ideas from inside and outside the industry with a focus on ideas that can be implemented immediately. He has trained in over 400 fitness facilities since 2015 as a casual visitor to get the true consumer experience. Justin has delivered over 353 presentations since 1999 across 21 countries and over 210,300 fitness business owners, managers, team members and entrepreneurs. He is the only speaker to speak 21 consecutive years at Filex in Australia and for 15 consecutive years at IHRSA in the USA. By attending JT’s sessions you will help him achieve his why: have more people move and move more often to reduce the health care costs across the globe.

Michael Jordan
CEO, 12RND Fitness

Michael Jordan is the CEO of 12RND Fitness. He is a well-respected industry leader who has a broad experience as an independent and franchise gym owner, industry supplier and speaker. Michael has also served on the Fitness Australia Board of Directors and is passionate about the development and progression of all businesses and stakeholders in the Australian Fitness Industry.

Todd Liubinskas
Fitness Director, Men's Health Australia

For the past 17 years, Liubinskas has been exploring all that human conditioning has to offer. He has been employed by; fitness brands, equipment suppliers, supplement suppliers, and corporate entities and he has also founded three fitness businesses including CSP Gym, CSP Athlete Factory and Coaching Zone. Todd is the Director of The 440 Run Club and created a charity called Let’s Get Going with his Mother catering to adults with varied abilities. He is described to be humble, knowledgeable, and incredibly fit; you wouldn’t expect a bloke of Todd’s status to be so level headed and selfless. But he is, and it’s these characteristics that are the driving force behind his success.